Straight into your boat. Straight into your adventure.

The time-consuming, tedious process of slipping boats is a thing of the past.
The innovative SEFABO lets you use your valuable time for what really matters in your life. Get your boat to the water quickly and effortlessly, so that you can share precious moments with your loved ones on the water.

It's time for unforgettable adventures and priceless memories: it's time for your SEFABO.

SEFABO boat trailers with people who spend a lot of fun and time on their boat instead of hard work

The perfect
boat trailer.

The SEFABO makes getting to the water an adventure without limits. Its robust design and special tracked propulsion allow it to effortlessly navigate any environment — whether sand, mud, grass, gravel, stones, or silt. This intrepid boat trailer can handle every challenge the terrain has in store to make sure your boat gets into the water safely and reliably.

A hard-as-nails

If the SEFABO is one thing, it's robust. It is specially developed for years of reliable use. Its sturdy design and high-quality hydraulic components make it an indispensable partner for your home by the water.

Quality, Made
In Germany.

All the way from planning to production, the SEFABO represents the finest German engineering and the very highest quality standards. Depend on the reliability and precision of an authentic German-made product. Depend on Made by C-PACK.

On the safe side.

Safety for your boat, flexibility for you. Thanks to the SEFABO, your boat does not remain permanently in the water. You can easily store it dry and safe on your own property. Thanks to the protection and flexibility offered by the SEFABO, the boat is always in optimum condition - whether in the water or safely stowed away on land.

So simple.
So quick.

Saving both time and energy. Slipping a boat is usually a cumbersome process involving several people. With the SEFABO, just one person can easily launch the boat in no time at all. This innovation saves time and greatly simplifies the process of launching boats.

Your new
Boat trailer.

The SEFABO is currently available in the following sizes: 1.5 | 2.5 | 3.5 tons (total permissible weight), meaning it covers most commercial boats for private use. Every trailer is made by hand in northern Germany and can be specially adapted to your wishes. Set up your boat trailer easily on our website.